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Guided Tours
Workshops for school classes and kindergartens
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Workshops for kid groups and families
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Guided Tours


Public guided tours

are offered daily at 14:00 hours, on Sat., Sun. and public holidays at 11 o’clock and depending on the demand. They give a general introduction into the topic and take one hour. Registration is not necessary.


Guided tours for groups

can be arranged by the exhibition office. Groups of less than 15 participants pay a flat rate. The tour takes approximately one hour.


Guided tours for school classes and kindergartens

are conducted congenially to each age-group and take approximately 45 to 50 minutes. Guided tours for school classes and kindergarten groups only take place on arrangement. Please take note of the information for teachers!


Theme-orientated guided tours

illuminate chosen topics of the exhibition such as people, water projects or geology. Registration is necessary!


Guided tours for families

offer a “discovery journey” through the exhibition for families and children. Guided tours for families are conducted on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 10:30, as well as depending on demand. Every first Saturday of the month is Family Day!


Family Day

Every first Saturday of the month is Family Day. It starts off with a guided tour for families at 10:30. Afterwards interchanging workshops are offered. The material sets are available at the cashier!


Registration and booking of all guided tours

Info-Telephone: 0049 (0) 8031 365 9036
Fax: 0049 (0) 8031 365 9030

  Please always register with your group, even if you have not booked any program or guided tour. Otherwise you may have a long waiting period on days with a lot of visitors.      

Correct planing:

Please take into consideration approximately 15 minutes delay at the cashier and the wardrobe. For groups there is special luggage storage available. Due to insurance reasons coats, thick jackets, bigger bags, backpacks and umbrellas are not allowed to be taken into the exhibition.



Arranged programs can be cancelled at the latest one working day before the event. For cancellations on the day of the event, or in the case of the group not having arrived 30 minutes after the appointed time, the whole fee has to be paid.

Fees for entrance, guided tour and workshop in Euro   Entrance   Guided tour    
Adults   8,00
Reduced price, adult groups   7,50   2,00    
Children (from 5 years), students   4,00   1,50    
Kindergartens/ school classes per student   2,50   1,50    
Families: 2 parents or grandparents with children / grandchildren   19,00   5,50    
Families: 1 parent or grandparent with children / grandchildren   11,50   3,50    
Multiple entry - or small group ticket
(5 entries)
Audio-Guide German / English       2,50    
Flat rate for less than 15 participants            
Guided tour for groups in German       30,00    
Guided tour for groups in English       60,00    
Workshop fee per student/ child   1,50        
Material per set   2,50        
Companion guide to the exhibition   24,90        
Prices are subject to change            
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