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" The Desert"
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Phenomenon Desert

Desert means more than hostile wasteland. Everywhere on earth plants, animals and humans have adapted their lifestyle skilfully to the harsh conditions in the desert. They have learned to live with parching heat, merciless storms and minimal water supply. The network of Natural Science and Ethnology gives new insights into a fascinating habitat.


Journey through the deserts of the world

Typical sand, rock and gravel landscapes are displayed. You visit the sand deserts of Africa, the lonely outback of Australia, the steppe desert of Central Asia and the coast deserts of South America. You get to know the fascinating plant and animal worlds as well as the survival strategies of the different people.


Desert People

Numerous original exhibits illustrate the cultures of the Aboriginal people and the Bushmen, the Tuareg, the Nasca and the Pueblo Indians. As nomads, hunters, farmers or traders they master the challenges in the desert.


Ecological System Desert

The dependence of the desert people on the water supplies demonstrates the dependence of humans on nature and climate. Antique watering systems, for example by the Nasca, as well as modern water projects show how the aridity can be overcome. On the other hand some human interventions endanger the sensitive ecological system desert.

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