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School Classes and Educational Institution

The extracurricular education range in the Exhibition centre Lokschuppen Rosenheim supports the educational objectives of all schools. Groups of all ages enjoy eventful hours of education. The initial point for exploration and experience is the original item or a true to original production. They raise the natural interests of children and adolescents. Learning by doing and learning with all of your senses – these are our guiding principles for educational work. 



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On presentation of the school-class-group-ticket, you get one small soft ice cream per pupil on a visit at the McDonalds branches in Rosenheim (Bahnhof & Kufsteinerstr.) and Kolbermoor for free. Works only in a class!

Amulet figure of an enthroned godess
Amulet figure of an enthroned godess
Model of a boat
Model of a boat


The Combination of a Guided Tour and a Workshop


After the tour with a thematic priority through the exhibition the students will design – after a brief introduction - a creative object to enlarge upon the topics of the Pharao Exhibition. The object can be taken home afterwards. Through a playful “zoom” on the separate aspects, students will memorise the newly learnt information lastingly. The educational professionals will offer optimal help when needed!


  • Make a reservation for a guided tour online or at the exhibition office, call +49 (0) 8031/ 365 9036 or write an e-mail
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Themed Tours PHARAO


The contents of the separate topics are tailor made for the different standards of knowledge and ages. The age-based tours with thematic priority offer enough room for discussions and questions which are developed in class beforehand. Take the chance to choose a special topic and through that choice, deepen one aspect of the exhibition.


  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Bastet, Anubis and Scarab (from pre school up to young adults): What did a cat and a dung beetle have in common? The ancient Egyptians worshipped these animals! In this guided tour, the pupils hear about the holy animals and gods of the ancient Egyptians and learn why they loved the dung beetle.
  • Everyday life and Childhood in the ancient egypt (from primary school up to young adults): How did Egyptian children and their families live? How did the Egyptian society work and which jobs existed? The pupil will experience in which houses the ancient Egyptians lived, whether Egyptian children went to school and what toys they got. 
  • Pharaohs (from 4th grade up to young adults): About 300 Pharaohs ruled over ancient Egypt for over 3000 years. The pupils will get to know the most important ones: from the most famous pyramid architect to the queen with the fake beard.

    XXL-Tour: PHARAO - for older pupils starting from 9th grade


    Together with an Exhibiton Guide there is the possibility of getting an either playful or deepening "zoom" on specific aspects.


    Where did we get the knowledge about the ancient Egyptians and pharaohs from?

    What is our mental image about pharaohs?

    What are the archaeological discoveries telling us?

    Why are the exhibits, shown in this exhibition, that special?

    And who decides which stories get told in an exhibiton?

    Questions like this will be examined carefully by the pupils in this exhibition.

    For interested history explorer.

    • Duration: 90 minutes
    • per pupil in class 5,50 € plus entrance fee

    Not bookable in the Student Week Campaign!




    Integration into the Curriculum


    Our tours and workshops with thematic priority for school classes are oriented on the curriculum of the Bavarian schools. 


    • A detailed account of the curriculum reference regarding the PHARAO exhibition can be found here, aswell as in our museum educational brochure.