Guided tours for families and children

After the guided tour for families and children through the PHARAOH exhibition parents and children have the possibility to handicraft their own pharaoh mask out of paper. The handicraft program is free of charge and takes place in one of the pavilions on the forecourt of the Exhibition centre Lokschuppen. This guided tour is suitable for children as well as adults. Fascinating subjects like the pharaohs' buildings and the Egyptian gods brings the ancient Egypt back to life.


General Guided Tours for Families

Our general guided tours on Sa, Su and public holidays (and on demand) are open for anyone at 11 a.m.



Exclusive group reservations for guided tours for families


Make a reservation for your family with your own guided tour through the PHARAOH exhibition on your desired date.


Guided tours can be reserved by phone or e-mail via the exhibition office or via our online order form for groups. In your individual guided tour through the PHARAOH Exhibiton you and your family will go on a fascinating journey through time. How did the Egyptians live, what did their everyday life look like and why were the pharaos such powerful kings? The exhibition content is designed appropriately for children and offers fun for the entire family.


Detailed information concerning group fees can be found here.


Apart from the standard guided tour for families we also offer special tours.


You can book all of our guided tours as an accessible offer.


The family program was developed in cooperation with the Bildungswerk Rosenheim.

boat model
boat model
Relief with a picutre of the grain harvest
Relief with a picutre of the grain harvest