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Accessible Tours



Concerning exclusive bookings for groups


Our approach: Flexibility!

We are especially happy if we can welcome people with special requirements in our exhibition centre!

Gladly we respond to your special needs and requirements. Enlighten us beforehand about your individual requirements. Please tell us, what kind of support and assistance you will need. We will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


  • Guided tours, for guests with special requirements, are hold in small groups of up to 15 people. 
  • Speed and explanations will be adjusted to the participants of the guided tour.
  • Before the tour starts, there is the possibility for a brief meeting with your exhibition guide.
  • We will schedule enough time for questions, repetitions and breaks.
  • If desired, the exhibition guide will meet you at the specially marked parking spaces.
  • Before the guided tour we can arrange a brief discussion with the assistants and the guides. We attach great value to groups with deaf visitors and like to discuss the process with the translators.
  • Our security team will help you to master constructional barriers, e.g. when using the elevator in the exhibition
  • The exhibition guide will speak in clear and calm manner and disclaim to use loanwords but will use descriptive verbalizations.
  • The exhibition guides will hold eye contact and use facial expressions and gestures when needed. Faithfull reproductions and several materials to feel with your hands for better perception can be provided and used.
  • The described Objects are selected carefully. They are for example good to behold from the viewpoint of a wheelchair user. The shown display cabinets offer good sight for all visitors.
  • Our primary concern is an emotional experience! Especially when it comes to people with special requirements.


Our goals:


  • Increasing the visitors’ participation concerning further education of adults as well as the museum educational service.
  • Reduction of barriers and the improvement concerning learning and sharing of the visitors.


We want to reach:


  • People with a mental handicap/ learning difficulties
  • People who are blind/ are visually handicapped
  • People who are deaf/ are hearing handicapped
  • People who are mobility handicapped
  • People who are speech impediment
  • People who are mentally ill
  • People who are severely handicapped (multiple times)


Consultation is important: We respond to a group’s individual needs and wishes. We use your expertise to create a preferably optimal offer! You are most welcome to contact the exhibition office via telephone +49(0)8034 / 365 9036 or email.


For more information please refer to “accessibility”.