Giants of the Ancient Seas

© VKR. Key Visual: Die Infografen (preliminary version)
© VKR. Key Visual: Die Infografen (preliminary version)

About the exhibition

A trip through time into the world of gigantic reptiles of oceans past: From fall 2019 to December 2020, the LOKSCHUPPEN EXHIBITION CENTRE in Rosenheim will be the first location to show the family exhibition "Giants of the Ancient Seas".


Marine reptiles are without doubt among the most fascinating and mysterious creatures of the Mesozoic. The exhibit stages their prehistoric underwater world on 1500 m² with around 200 high quality original fossils, skeletons, casts and imposing 1:1 models of ancient marine reptiles. The originals are provided, among others, by the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt and other renowned museums in Europe.


Habitat reproductions with up to 12 meter long models show three-dimensional moments from a land before our time. Europe's largest digital and first real-time "Paleo-Aquarium" creates a lasting, palpable spatial experience on over 50 m² of projection area. Both the 3D animated "main characters" and the 1:1 models of the ancient marine reptiles were developed specifically for the exhibition project by palaeontologists on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge.


Over 30 media stations and hands-on exhibits invite visitors to participate, and convey scientific knowledge using an emotional-playful approach which allows for informal, playful learning.


The family adventure exhibition is a highlight – not only for young and old saurian fans.


"Giants of the Ancient Seas" is not limited to one part of the Mesozoic such as the Jurassic or Cretaceous, instead covering the entire Mesozoic and also providing insight into the Cenozoic. Glimpses beyond the "edge" of the water – for example in the form of a 1:1 model of a Spinosaurus or original fossils of Pterosaurus – underline this holistic approach. Geological aspects of the earth's development are discussed, as are the large extinction events which prevented all of the prehistoric giants from surviving to today.