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Answers to frequently asked questions and important notes.


Here we give answers to the most important and frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Will PHARAOH be exhibited on another place?


“PHARAO” will be opened in the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria (Canada) in May 2018. Following venues until 2021 are going to be several famous museums in the USA, for example the Cincinnati Museum Center.


Why and how long is the LOKSCHUPPEN EXHIBITION CENTRE going to be closed?

As the Lokschuppen Exhibition Center is going to be restructured, there is no exhibition planed in 2018. The reopening is scheduled for September 2019 with the exhibition “Giants of the Ancient Seas”.


What will be renovated?

After 30 years as a prestigious exhibition centre the Lokschuppen is going to be both renovated and extended fundamentally. Important (required) modernizations are planned, for expamle in regard of fire protection, the entrance area, the spatial setup for educational programmes as well as sanitary facilities.


Is the restaurant open to public during the restructuring 2018/2019?

Unfortunately, the restaurant is not going to be open during the renovation.


May the outdoor adventure playground be used?

Unfortunately, the adventure playground cannot be visited during the renovation.


Is it possible to buy tickets and vouchers in 2018?

It`s not possible to buy tickets and vouchers in 2018. Presumably from February 2019, tickets for the next exhibition "Giants of the Ancient Seas" can be purchased in advance. Vouchers are valid for three years.


From what point on can guided tours for groups and school classes be prebooked?

It is expected that from February 2019 we will gladly accept your group booking for the exhibition "Giants of the Ancient Seas".


Who to contact for further questions?

The exhibition office is open Mondays to Thursdays from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm and Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm via telephone +49 (0) 8031/ 365 9036 or write an e-mail to lokschuppen@vkr-rosenheim.de