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The PHARAOH Exhibition will be displayed on two platforms, which can be accessed by wheelchair users and guests with a reduced mobility through a special elevator. Please ask our security guards for support!



Exhibition rooms PHARAOH Exhibition

The PHARAO Exhibition is throughout accessible. For visually handicapped and blind visitors we offer a guided tour rich in contrast. For hearing handicapped and deaf visitors we offer detailed written information about the exhibits and exhibition rooms as well as a subtitled version of the audio-visual media. Displayed on the first platform are exhibits that can be enjoyed while standing or sitting.

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Audio tours

For blind or visually handicapped visitors we offer audio tours in German or English. For hearing aid users we offer induction loops for the usage of the audio guides. Induction loops can be obtained at the sales desk free of charge.


Floor conditions

All Exhibition rooms are well equipped with wheelchair drivable floor covering.


Café Bistro Lok

The Café Bistro Lok can be accessed without any problems by wheelchair users through the foyer or the outdoor area. With a height of 64 cm and a depth of 30 cm, tables can be used without a problem. In the bistro, there is a toilet for phsyically challenged people.


Exhibition entrance

Wheelchair users please use the signed personal door by scanning in your ticket (access width 95,5 cm). The entrance door will open automatically.


Guided tours and workshops for challenged visitors

Accessible tours and workshops help visitors with special requirements to fully enjoy our exhibition. For visitors with a hearing handicap we offer special guided tours with tour guides that support the overall comprehension.


Parking area

Wheelchair users or visitors with a reduced mobility can use the signed parking area on the Lokschuppen forecourt. It can be accessed through Reichenbachstraße. Please ring at the barrier (Press the “Hilfe”-button), an employee will open the access barrier. There are three special parking areas availably. They are signed and have a depth of 500 cm and a width of 350 cm.



If need be, a wheelchair can be borrowed at the sales desk.



The shop in front of the sales desk can be accessed with a wheelchair.


Seating possibilities

Lightweight and handy folding chairs can be borrowed on pledge at the sales desk.


Themed parcours

Located in the outside area you can find the “PHARAOH” parcours. It is accessible through the parking area/ main exit foyer. (Notice: not through the rear exit). Some of the games can be used by wheelchair users.



Located on the ground floor in the Café Bistro Lok. The width of the toilet door is 85,5 cm. A diaper changing table is available. There is 81 cm space on the left and 82 cm on the right side of the toilet. On both sides folding handles are obtainable.


You have the right of way at the sales desk

Please contact the employees at the sales desk so you won’t have to wait in line unnecessarily.