Explore Alexander: Guided Tours

Public guided tours
are offered daily at 14.00 hours, as well as demand orientated. They provide a general introduction into the exhibition theme and take one hour.

Guided tours for families offer a “discovery journey” through the exhibition to families and children. Guided tours for families are offered on Saturdays and public holidays at 11.o´clock as well as demand orientated. Guided tours for families take one hour. No booking needed.


Guided tours for groups

can be arranged at the exhibition office. Groups of less than 12 participants pay a lump sum price. The guided tour takes approx. one hour. An emphasis on certain topics can be arranged on request. All guided tours for groups need to be arranged. 


Guided tours for school classes and kindergarten groups
are conducted congenially to each age group and take approximately 45 minutes. All guided tours for school classes and kindergarten groups need to be arranged. Please take note of the tips for teachers!


Selected Flashlight Tour
Face the ALEXANDER facts from a different angle: explore the life of Alexander the Great in the flare of your flashlight. A selected tour outside regular opening times. Every Friday at 18.00 hours as well as demand orientated.  Please register in time, the number of participants is limited to 25 visitors. Don´t forget to bring your torch light! 

Duration: approx. one hour

Registration and booking of guided tours for groups
Information: 0049 (0) 8031 365 9036
Fax: 0049 (0) 8031 365 9030
Email: info.lokschuppennoSpam@noSpamrosenheim.de


Please always register with your group, even if you have not booked any program or guided tour. Otherwise you may have longer waiting period on days with a lot of visitors.


Correct planning:
Please take approximately 15 minutes delay at the cashier and the wardrobe into consideration. Due to insurance reasons coats, thick jackets, bigger bags, backpacks and umbrellas are not allowed to be taken into the exhibition. No liability is assumed for anything stored at the wardrobes. Valuables should therefore stay at home. 


Booked programs can be cancelled at the latest 3 working day before the event without costs. The exhibition office can be called on Mon. – Fri. from 9 am until 17.00 hours at 0049 (0)8031 365 9036. In the case of cancelling on the day of the event or in the case of the group not having arrived 60 minutes after the appointed time, a fee for each guided tour and workshop will be charged.